Loving Lauv


It’s over a year since posting on this blog! Hopefully I’ll be able to post more frequently than that! Anyways, I’m posting about Lauv, an artist who has become more popular over the last couple of months.

Lauv, (born Ari Staprans Leff), loved music as a child and ended up graduating from NYU with a degree in music technology. While spending time writing music for other artists, the deeply personal songs that he used to write were lost. He then read an interview with Paul Simon who described writing and creating music as a way to express you deepest emotions. As a result, Lauv released his first song, “The Other”, in 2014. This song was so special to him that he did not want to give it to another artist, so he released it on his own under his stage name, Lauv.

After gaining lots of popularity from this song, Lauv went on to release an EP. The next time he gained massive attention for his song “I Like Me Better”, which released in 2017.

In my opinion, Lauv is an artist with a very distinctive style. To start, he has a very unique voice, when combined with minimalistic beats and harmonies, creates a very relaxed sound. This minimalistic style can also be seen in his album covers which I have included below. He really makes his voice the star of the song. To me, it sounds like the songs you would listen to in your free time, not for parties. However, other artists have remixed his most popular songs to fit into a more upbeat setting. I personally, like the originals more because I think they represent the lyrics better. My top songs from Lauv, as well as some remixes are linked below. I hope you enjoy!


Album art for “The Other”



Album art for “I Like Me Better”


Album art for “Easy Love”

“The Other”

“The Other-DallasK Remix”

“I Like Me Better”

“I Like Me Better-Ryan Riback Remix”

“Easy Love”



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