Loving Lauv


It’s over a year since posting on this blog! Hopefully I’ll be able to post more frequently than that! Anyways, I’m posting about Lauv, an artist who has become more popular over the last couple of months.

Lauv, (born Ari Staprans Leff), loved music as a child and ended up graduating from NYU with a degree in music technology. While spending time writing music for other artists, the deeply personal songs that he used to write were lost. He then read an interview with Paul Simon who described writing and creating music as a way to express you deepest emotions. As a result, Lauv released his first song, “The Other”, in 2014. This song was so special to him that he did not want to give it to another artist, so he released it on his own under his stage name, Lauv.

After gaining lots of popularity from this song, Lauv went on to release an EP. The next time he gained massive attention for his song “I Like Me Better”, which released in 2017.

In my opinion, Lauv is an artist with a very distinctive style. To start, he has a very unique voice, when combined with minimalistic beats and harmonies, creates a very relaxed sound. This minimalistic style can also be seen in his album covers which I have included below. He really makes his voice the star of the song. To me, it sounds like the songs you would listen to in your free time, not for parties. However, other artists have remixed his most popular songs to fit into a more upbeat setting. I personally, like the originals more because I think they represent the lyrics better. My top songs from Lauv, as well as some remixes are linked below. I hope you enjoy!


Album art for “The Other”



Album art for “I Like Me Better”


Album art for “Easy Love”

“The Other”

“The Other-DallasK Remix”

“I Like Me Better”

“I Like Me Better-Ryan Riback Remix”

“Easy Love”



Sounds Live Feels Live: A Review

I had the opportunity to see 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) at Tinley Park this past Saturday. I purchased tickets for the soundcheck experience which includes a ticket in the 100’s section, (see picture below), access to the bandtumblr_static_tumblr_static_4jfhihi2ipogskssogwoscs4w_640‘s soundcheck, a brief question and answer
session, and exclusive access to merchandise before the rest of the crowd enters the venue. It was definitely an experience that I would do again. That being said, there are some things within my experience that I would’ve liked to change.

The Venue:

Tinley Park, or Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre, has always been a great venue for summer shows. It’s an outdoor venue with a huge laimagewn area so tickets for the lawn are relatively inexpensive. As we get closer to the stage, there are seats within the venue that are far more expensive than the lawn seating. Security is also relatively strict which is great for such a large venue. The only low point with the venue is that beverages and food are very overpriced. I paid a total of $14 for a 20 oz. bottle of water and a slice of pizza. To me that seems a little crazy especially since I was starving having been at the venue since 1:00 pm. Overall, the venue was great for a show but not good if you get hungry.

Soundcheck Experience and Performance:

Overall, I think that the soundcheck was a really good experience. There was a much smaller group of people that the band played in front of and when questions were asked they acted very normal and fun. They were more personable instead of putting on a show for the entire crowd which was fun to see. I do wish that there was an even smaller group of people, but that’s just a personal opinion. I do think that the way we checked in to the soundcheck could’ve been improved, as it took about an hour and a half to check in. The performance was amazing. The band interacted with the crowd and the sound of the music and the whole performance with the lights was fantastic. Overall, both the soundcheck and performance was terrific.


I think that the band did a great job of making the audience feel like we were included in the performance. Overall, I would say that 5 Seconds of Summer has a knack for attracting a younger, primarily female audience, similar to One Direction. This made the atmosphere for me seem a little immature and overemotional. I definitely feel that I would have enjoyed myself more if there was an older crowd there, similar to my own age.


Overall, 5 Seconds of Summer does a great job performing and interacting with the audience. They have great personalities and are very talented people overall. However, I do think the overall experience would have been more enjoyable if there were older people present who would have a blast just the same as everyone else.


The Music that Matters

I have wanted to write about Hozier for a long time and I finally am today. Hozier first became popular because of his song “Take Me to Church”. While it isn’t a catchy song by today’s standards, there are certain qualities in the chords and the tone that make me keep listening to it. But it doesn’t stop there.

hozierHozier himself has said that the song is his way of criticizing the Catholic church about there stance on homosexuality. The music video also brings this into question. Hozier’s views don’t just stop there. His song “Cherry Wine” is meant to bring awareness to domestic abuse as seen by the lyrics and his music video.

The entire album is full of songs that bring awareness to different problems while also maintaining a soulful quality as well. I believe that he is one of the best artists to come around in the past couple of years and that he will get more recognition for his talent, as he rightfully should.

“Take Me to Church”

“Cherry Wine”

Stu Who?

Stu Larsen is an Australian singer/songwriter who in my opinion, writes mainly indie folk. He grew up in a small town, where nothing special really happened. He left his job there to


Stu Larsen

pursue music, and has since then lived a pretty interesting life. His last album “Vagabond” basically describes how he lives now. He sees himself as a vagabond and a traveler. He can be compared to possibly the more well-known Passenger, one of Stu’s friends. Their music styles can be considered similar as well. As of right now, my favorite song by Stu Larsen is “Thirteen Sad Farewells”. It is my hope that Stu Larsen will get more recognition for his amazing talent, as a singer/songwriter. He is truly a very special artist.

Stu Larsen: Thirteen Sad Farewells

Passenger: Let Her Go

Feeling the Music in Your Bohnes

For the past couple of months, a new artist has been making their mark. His name? Bohnes. Formerly lead singer of The Cab, Alexander Deleon has been making strides in his solo career. As of now he has released three singles, “Guns and Roses”, “Middle Finger”, and “Witchcraft”.


Alexander Deleon a.k.a. Bohnes

It seems that Bohnes and his music is far from what The Cab’s music once was. While The Cab was very successful with their song “Angel with a Shotgun” from their last album “Symphony Soldier”, Deleon seems to be edging away from pop. In my opinion, I believe that he is making strides in his music and I am excited to see what he does next!

Listen Below! ⇓

Guns and Roses

Middle Finger



Why Do We Like Rockstars?

Last night, I was having a conversation with my friends about some of the music that we liked. We started off with Eurovision, which then moved on to country music. The night ended with each of us searching artists up on Youtube that we personally know. Each artist has had some amount of success. It really got me thinking about how famous musicians can get. One moment you’re chilling out and jamming with your friends, then if you make it big, those times seem like a distant memory.


Olivia Reyes in Youtube cover “Back to Black” by Amy Winehouse

This contributes to the overall intrigue that these artists inspire. When famous, it appears that most artists seem to hang out with celebrities as well known as they are. It seems like they are so different from “normal” people that we raise them up on a pedestal. Part of it is the fact that they create music that is adored by so many and part of it is that they maintain a relatively exotic and glamorous lifestyle that we are not accustomed to. I love music as much as the next person, possibly more, but I always feel drawn to certain artists who seem more down-to-earth than others. Their music just seems more real and relatable to my life than other artists could possibly be. The calm, soothing tones from “Hold on Tight” by Ed Prosek* holds more for me than “Superbass” by Nicki Minaj* ever could. Granted both styles of music have their positive attributes, Minaj just by her name and overall style of music seems much more superhuman than Prosek does. It just goes to show how certain styles of music, just like certain styles of clothing, show off the personality and sometimes the mystery within certain artists.

Listen Below!⇓

Hold on Tight